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Framing Perpetrators - exhibition & online archive [in progress]

‘FRAMING PERPETRATORS’ is a proposal presentation event by Eyal Sivan in collaboration with students of the master’s programme. Structured around the format of ‘the proposal’ this event concludes Sivan’s presence as Artist in Residence at the Filmacademy.

Sivan’s presentation will be followed by the Dutch premiere of Chris Marker’s ‘Henchman Glance’, given to Sivan by Chris Marker shortly before his death.

‘FRAMING PERPETRATORS’ is a conceptual and practical framework drawn from a critical reflection on the humanistic tradition of documentary practices.

‘FRAMING PERPETRATORS’ is a proposal for a visual media show as well as an experimental production laboratory. It aims to frame the figure of ‘the perpetrator’, beyond geographies, cultures, political regimes, historical events and faith. Through his work, Sivan questions the absence of the perpetrator’s figure in the moving image tradition in order to rethink perpetrators’ regimes of justification and their representation of crime, suffering and political evil.

The deconstruction of Zionist propaganda and an ongoing interest in the visual and narrative modalities of political crime in colonial and postcolonial context are at the core of Eyal Sivan’s research based practice.

The aim of Sivan’s residency at the Netherlands Film Academy was to examine research methodology and its potential in education. Sivan has worked with the master students on three of his current projects: ‘Perpetrators’ which takes on the representation of the perpetrator as its subject; ‘Montage interdit’ which revolves around investigating the power of montage through a multi-format, cross-media approach exploring the language and possibilities of montage in documentary work through the prism of the films of Jean-Luc Godard; and ‘1948 Common Archive for Palestine’, in which Sivan strives to analyze and balance the avalanche of ‘witness’ videos on the net, in order to inject meaning into digital narrating. As part of this event Sivan will show ‘Revisit’, a short collaborative film by students of the master’s programme.

8 February 2013 - 2 sessions: 5pm and 8pm at Castrum Peregrini - Herengracht 401, Amsterdam