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I LOVE YOU ALL, Aus Liebe Zum Volk 2004
88 minutes | Video | Colour, B/W | 4:3 | Stereo | 2004 | OV : German or French

Mr B has worked for twenty years as a public servant "in service of the people". Out of love. An unconditional and absolute love for "his people". A blind and destructive love.
When the times change and the regime he adheres to is defeated, he becomes a social reject and life as he has always known it falls apart.
Fired from his job, his "House", Mr B. is left with nothing, no perspective, no future. He sits alone in this office which is no longer his. Once he walks out that door, he will never come back.

In February 1990, a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Ministry for State Security of the GDR is dismantled. This marks the end of the "Stasi", the East German secret police. Major B. was a Stasi officer.
Relieved of his duties, he delivers a detailed account of twenty years of his life and work within this institution.

I love you all is based on this extraordinary personal testimony, supported by never seen before archive footage. This is a film about surveillance and blindness, about faith and disillusion.

© ARCAPIX [FR] et zéro film [ALL]


88 minutes | Video | Colour, B/W | 4:3 | Stereo | 2004
Location : Germany and archive footage
OV : German or French
Sub-titles : English

Eyal Sivan et Audrey Maurion

based on the book
“ Pour l’Amour du Peuple, un officier de la Stasi parle ”. Éditions Albin Michel
Eyal Sivan, Audrey Maurion, Aurélie Tyszblat
based on an idea by
Gilles-Marie Tiné
with the voice of
Hanns Zischler
Artistic Advisor
Cornelia Klauss
Audrey Maurion
Assisted by
Mirjam Strugalla, Nicolas Gundelwein
Archive Research
Cornelia Klauss
Assisted by
Karin Fritzsche, Mirjam Strugalla
Peter Badel
Werner Phillipp
Sound Conception
Audrey Maurion
Sound Editing
Audrey Maurion, Dirk W. Jacob
Additional Sound
Nicolas Becker, Jean-Michel Levy
Martin Steyer - Studio Label Public
Original Music
Christian Steyer, Nicolas Becker
Production Manager
Tassilo Aschauer
Sylvain Foucher, Maggie Heins

Produced by
Gilles-Marie Tiné and Thomas Kufus
A Production of
ARCAPIX and zero film
in coproduction with
RBB – Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

with the participation of
Centre National de la Cinématographie, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Deutsch-Französisches Filmabkommen der FAA, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM)
Bundesbeauftrage fur Kultur und Medien

Developed with the help of
MEDIA program of the European Union


• Official selection, Berlin Festival, Germany, 2004

• Buenos Aires International Independant Film Festival, Argentina, 2004

• Festival de Ghent, Belgium, 2004

• Internationale Competition FID, Marseille, France 2004

The whole art of the film is precisely summoning images from the past in order to monitor the present L'Humanité
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Enlightening. Taking on the point of view and the language of the police power is what makes this film intelligent, far more disturbing than an indictment.

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04/01/2005 - "Confession d'un autiste" by Dominique Vidal (Le Monde Diplomatique)
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04/01/2004 - "Aus Liebe zum Volk" by José Garcia (Texte Zum Film)