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Framing Perpetrators 2013

‘Framing Perpetrators - A Proposal’ is a booklet made in honour of Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan who was artist in resident at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam in the Fall of 2012. 

Eyal Sivan is concerned with the representation of the perpetrator and the project aims to frame the figure of ‘the perpetrator’ beyond geographies, cultures, political regimes, historical events, and faith. We took the notion of a physiologicalblind spot as a visual metaphor to either obscure the perpetrator or the context where he or she is in in a picture. 

A series of different perps is used as a stand-alone visual essay to accompany the interview Suzanne Wallinga had with Eyal Sivan in Paris.

Design: koehorstintveld - http://www.koehorstintveld.nl